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The Lord has led Bro. Moore to send out partner letters and to include a teaching CD with the letters

April 2017

Dear Partner,

Grace and peace to you and yours.

We just prayed for you and all of our partners this morning. We thank the Lord for you at every remembrance and are believing (with you) for direction, protection, healing, and abundant provision. Every good seed you have sown into us will produce a harvest if you won’t give up on it—and we won’t stop believing with you.

It is challenging to fully put into words what your partnership means to us. We sow and believe God to meet the needs of this ministry, and He does meet them so faithfully. The way He has chosen to do it is by providing for, and dealing with, those who should be a part in faith and prayer and finances. The thing that is so different from the world about this is that no one has to respond. It is completely up to each person whether they get involved or not. So we first of all thank God for meeting our needs, but we also are so thankful for you and all our partners who willingly respond to His promptings. You are a “God-send” and partakers of our grace.

The intercontinental plane projects are very near completion. Thanks and praise to our gracious God! When we began releasing our faith for this amazing ability for the ministry 3 years ago, it seemed so big and far to reach. We had none of the money, no training or ability to operate it, no place to put it, no equipment to take care of it, etc. And now, we have all of this and even more! (They are finishing the new avionics and winglets right now.) Nothing is too hard for Him. And nothing is too good for His work and His people. (I’m talking about you.) Thank you for believing with us for what seemed “too big” but was easily doable for our wonderfully good God through all of our partners. What feels so daunting for two or three individuals is not hard for two or three thousand. And it’s barely even an effort for two or three hundred thousand. Together with Him, and each other, there is nothing we (the Body of Christ) can’t accomplish.

We’ve included our series “Hear and Be Healed.” Many in the Church are dealing with health issues large and small, but it is still God’s will that all be healed. It’s not just knowledge that brings healing. God’s Word is medicine that must be taken according to directions. As you listen, believe that His Words come into you and affect every part of your flesh. “…they are life to those who find them, and health to all their flesh.” (Proverbs 4:22) “He sent His Word and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions.” (Psalm 107:20)

Laborers together with Him and you,

Keith Moore

We just broke ground on the new studio for our upcoming “Faith School” online broadcasts. There is excitement here about this new arm of ministry. (You can track progress online at

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