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Partner Connection

April 2024

Grace and peace to you and yours in our gracious Lord.

He is crowning our year with His goodness. (Psalm 65:11) We've already experienced numerous blessings and answers to prayer in the first part of this year. Many are being ministered to and helped. Significant Kingdom projects are being completed, and God's will is being done. The goodness and kindness of our God never ceases!

Our recommended series this time is "Honor to Whom Honor." (Click the Featured Series box on our website.) As you know, we live in a world where many are not honorable--even to the point where there are now 3rd and 4th generations of some families who were never taught it and don't understand what honor is.

The Lord said, "...them that honour Me, I will honour." (1 Samuel 2:30) This word honor refers to that which is "weighty," i.e. significant; valuable; worth a lot. The devil and his associates are the very opposite of this. The unGodly are dishonorable, disrespectful, despising, and defaming. Using the Lord's name in vain and demeaning and cursing others is an example of this. Treating His holy things as nothing is all too common in this world.

But although you and I live in this world, we are not conformed to its evil. The Lord has made us in His own beautiful, glorious image and likeness. He is the most High, the most Honorable. His words, ways, people, and things are the most valuable of all. He told us to "be imitators of God as dear children." (Ephesians 5:1) We are made like Him. We can act like Him! We can show His honor to all those around us.

I pray over you that this holy Word of God's honor would impart to your spirit as you feed on these messages. And the exciting part is that the more we honor Him, THE MORE HE HONORS US! This means favor and blessings, promotions and increase, and all manner of good and perfect things.

Please know that we also honor you. We so appreciate your partnership with us in fulfilling this call to minister to many. You've proven repeatedly your esteem for us by your prayers for us and sowing. We couldn't do it without such heartfelt faithful support. You are loved and valued by us.

With you, in His honor, for His glory,

Keith Moore

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